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Excloosiv — Connecting the Dots of the Events & Advertising Industry
In this saturated market, when everyone is busy doing and planning events, nobody is meeting up the loopholes of the event Industry from Event Ticket Selling, Booking Event Services, Hassle Free Event Check Ins, Artists Booking and Providing the Talents from various corners of the Country a Platform where they can fulfill every event and Advertising related needs.

Excloosiv — The Company hails from the most beautiful part of the Country, a part of the North Eastern Region, which is known for its hospitable population with a vibrant artistic heritage and a state which is rich in Culture, Tradition and Music. The State we are talking about is none other than, Assam.

Assam and its neighboring states like Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland hosts some of the most famous Music Festivals of India and this is where and when, you can relate with the rich musical culture of the place and its people.

Excloosiv was basically an Event and Advertising Company, marked its footsteps in the year 2014 indulging itself into planning and organizing events Successfully in various parts of the country. After many Successful Shows and Events under the banner of Excloosiv and after receiving Over-Whelming response from our customers and followers, we decided to register it as a Private Limited Company in the Year 2015.

After dedicating 3 years in the Event Industry and adding many events to the Excloosiv Chart and its Portfolio, we have noticed that there were many drawbacks and loopholes in the Event Industry which is not letting the Eventer’s and the customers experience a smooth execution or a seamless management.

Though we were highly successful with our events in and around our region and through our constant effort and dedication we were able to create a mark in the industry, but a strong feeling of doing something really big and contributing something unique towards the industry was not meeting up to the expectations due to many problems faced by us.

Selling Event Tickets with ease, Managing Event Production and various other event services, acquiring Sponsors for the events (which plays a vital role and contributing towards a successful event), Giving the Sponsors the right mileage they should get, Easy and Hassle Free Check In Facility to the Event Goers, Advertising the Event through proper channels and able to check their real time performance and understand the actual reach of the ad for better understanding and unnecessarily rise in price of the artists due to multiple middle man involved, were some of the very contributing factors towards a loophole or pull down of the Event Industry.

Problems like Events not reaching out to the potential customers and thus failing due to proper Advertisements, Eventer’s paying huge amount for Event Productions, Searching from places to Places to meet up the event production needs, Organizers paying huge hidden charges while booking the Artists due to various middle man involved, Bringing Artists and Talents from other parts of the Country for performance but not able to send Talents to other part of the India, that are residing in our own region, so that with their talents, they can create a space and name of their own in the global market and also promote the rich culture and Tradition of Assam to other parts of India, were some of the serious issues to name among-st many, faced by the event Industry.
This is from where, the need to create a better space and event experience came into picture, where not only we, as a Company is benefited but our effort to create a better platform,equally benefits our Region, Talents, Eventer’s and our Customers.
The Mission- A step towards the New Journey
After realizing these situations in depth and with proper strategy in mind, in the mid 2017, we started our journey of developing a platform which will act as a support to the event and Advertising Industry and remove the loopholes and create a better space for the same. We also knew that creating something like this and targeting it in the global market, was not all a easy task to do. Creating a product was not a big task, but acceptance of the product in the global market, is a big challenge. When we started working on the project, on a cup of Coffee and Tea, lots of other ideas unfolded, but at times converting those ideas into a furnished product was really a big challenge that was in front of us.

Our main aim was to create a platform that is both helpful and beneficial to the eventer’s as well as the customers. We realized that, for an event to be successful, merely selling of event tickets is not all that matters, if you want to stick to the industry. There are lots of other important aspects that one need to keep in mind. From engaging of sponsor by gaining their trust, giving the sponsors the mileage they should receive or fulfilling the reason for which they agreed, to join your hands, acquiring the event production needs at the right price and from the right place are few of the contributing factors towards the success of the events, keeping the long run in perceptive. Our dream was to create a platform that people or customers can rely on, in terms of products, services and price and they don’t need to keep hopping from one place to another to fulfill their needs. Be it large, small, corporate, private, outdoor or no matter be what size, class or category of events, a system that would offer the right solutions in the right price that too according to the customers need, is what we, wanted to build.

One more important aspect for an event to be successful is the use and implementation of the proper advertising methods for the right exposure. Events and Advertisements are two separate domains and at times it becomes difficult for someone from a different domain, extract out the best results, by investing on the right advertising segments. Advertisement itself is a vast field to study and not only for a particular segment, but for Brands, Products, Companies, Organizations and what not, advertisement plays a deciding role for success. Advertisement is about focusing through innovative and creative ideas that attract the eyes of the potential customers. But often, for a mid size or small size Companies, Businesses or Organizations, it becomes difficult or hesitating for them to visit different places for advertising solutions and competing with the high prices of the industry. Sometimes it happens to be awkward for small Organizations with small advertising needs and budget, inquire about various advertising options and gets the right solutions in front of them. Through our thorough research and years of experience in this field, we found that the Advertising Segment is a vast and scattered segment with endless possibilities, that when implemented properly, gives a push on sale, raise brand awareness and can attract more people than usual and so we started working on the loopholes to which our team worked day and night to bring a platform which collaborates creative ideas, with various ad options to offer from, to every size of businesses at one place.

So we decided to create a place, where Individuals, Companies or any Organization can find various Ad options to choose from and according to their choice and budget they can avail the service. A platform that will give the users a complete freedom with various measuring tools, on how their ad will perform when went live. Our effort was to give users a platform that they can trust and control and also they can plan out their budgets before they can actually move on. But, the more it sounds easy, the tougher it was to convert the idea into a reality. But the obsession of changing the old methods and killing off the loopholes and presenting a strong advertising segment to the people was much more higher then the hurdles we faced while getting it done.

A Question to ourselves, that bothered us
No matter what we do, or where we go, we can never forget where we belong from, and there is and will always be, a special emotion attached to it. Being in the entertainment industry for years and doing events in almost every parts of the country, we have seen companies hiring talents like DJ’s, Musicians, Dancers and other Artists, mainly from the cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or abroad. Its good to see artists coming from outside and performing in our own city, even Excloosiv as a company targets the global market as well, but the question that kept bothering us from years was
‘Why Artists and Talents from our region, are not being invited to perform in other cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata’?
‘Why there is no platform, where you can book regional movies or releases from state of Assam’?

After much thoughts and efforts, we came up with a system that would be a stepping stone in solving the problem. Through Excloosiv we eye to change the present scenario and take our products, talents and entertainment industry in the global market and put it in the same benchmark.
The Challenges

'If it's not tough, you are not doing something Big'.

When we talk about the challenges, challenges were endless in front of us, that every startup needs to face, but the best part was, we were aware of the facts and was ready to face it. Managerial, Financial and Technical challenges are something that you are bound to meet, when you opt for a big change to happen. Our challenge was also to create a powerful platform that people can rely on in terms of service and security and not reinventing the wheel.

With our plans already set up, strategies ready in mind, Excloosiv was ready to hit the Indian Market, but at the same time our challenge was also to add value to our own state of Assam with our services, that we are about to focus in the global market.

Merely Promoting the North Eastern States and its resources through Events, Advertisements or any other medium, was not our idea, but actually opening the doors, in front of millions and drive visitors in real, to this beautiful piece of land that we call ASSAM, with the help of digital power, is our goal.

Any region will flourish, when it has got a good connectivity, good and planned model to promote the tourism to the other states of India, offering users from other parts of the country, a trusted and powerful medium to let them book, Travel and Tourism and other Resources and in a way inviting them, by opening the doors to its people. So, Excloosiv with its footsteps in the market, caters to solve these problems by filling up the loopholes and also along with other surprises waiting for its users.

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